Length: 44 comics, September 18, 2003 - October 31, 2003 (View all)

"George gets sent back in time where everything goes wrong."

George is now in the past, before/during Mega Man's attack. He recaps the situation when Dr. Light calls him from the future and tries to explain how the one-button control on the time suit works, but that becomes moot when George finds out about the voice commands. Dr. Light then warns him not to do something or he will die, but the call times out there, asking for $75,264 for five more minutes, leaving what he should not do as a mystery.

Although George is invisible, intangible, and mute to the past, Bass sees and hears him; Dr. Light must have forgotten that Dr. Wily's creations can see and hear a wider range of sights/sounds. He than runs off to poison the past-George and Chadling's ice cream.

George finds Roll stuffed behind the machine (once again, Bass did it), but decides not to rescue her on the grounds that her breasts aren't big enough.

Mini-Rick falls from the sky suddenly, telling George that the Author is stuck in a jar and needs saving.

George rescues the Author, who agrees to save George (in the past) from Mega's explosive nanobots.

After George leaves, the Author brings Rick to normal size. He first protests at having a beer break with Rick, but just puts the Author plushie in the jar and leaves.

George runs into Bass and Chadling's fight, and he finds out that Mynd had designed Chadling with the same ideas as Wily had, but Bass blows him up half-through his speech. He is left, however, to deal with Chadling's still-whole hand.

George finds his unconcious body, ridden with nanobots. The electric powers in both Georges interacts, destroying all of the nanobots, but overcharging the time machine, sending George to an unknown time period...

George's time suit is busted now, leaving him invisible, intangible, and mute for some reason. He finds that everyone has had a massive ice cream party, and that extra gallons are being thrown out. He starts freaking out again...

In the present, Bob, dressed as Cloud Strife, asks Light where George is. Dr. Light immediately breaks down, realizing that George could die back there and it's all his fault.

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