April 2000
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The First Strips: Megaman Helps Out, Part I

Summary: The actual strip is going to be late, so Mega Man introduces us to the filler comic.

Cast: Mega Man

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Mega Man is standing by himself against a light blue background. His helmet is off.}
MEGA MAN: Hi there. I'm Mega Man.

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: I'm here to tell you that Bob and George won't be ready today.

Panel 3

MEGA MAN: Tomorrow's not looking good either.

Panel 4

MEGA MAN: So, until then, me and my friends will entertain you.
MEGA MAN: {quietly} See you tomorrow...

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is the very first Bob and George comic and also the very first appearance of Mega Man.
  • This is the first archived comic to have been effected by the 'Temporal Burp' effect, where the entire comic was blurred beyond recognition and renamed "Zo Bilch Chlips - Vogaxamaxan Whorps Eut, Paxalt Pum".
  • It is also the first to be completely wiped out.

External Links Edit

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