April 2000
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The Beginning of the Story: Gotta Be Careful When Making Evil Plans

Summary: Dr. Wily accidentally reveals his evil plans to Proto Man, beginning a popular running gag.

Cast: Proto Man, Dr. Wily

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Proto Man is standing to the left, and Dr. Wily is standing to the right.}
DR. WILY: So, Proto Man, I hear you're going to leave us.
PROTO MAN: That's right.

Panel 2

{Wily turns around, and the camera shifts, as Proto Man leaves.}
DR. WILY: Yes! With that meddlesome robot out of the way, my plans for world domination can begin!

Panel 3

DR. WILY: I'll activate the evil programming in the robots and use them to conquer the WORLD!!

Panel 4

{The camera shifts back, revealing that Proto Man never left.}
PROTO MAN: Dr. Wily, I'm still here...
DR. WILY: {quietly} Crap...

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