August 2002
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The Third Megaman Game - Almost Everything

Summary: Mega Man invites Bob to ice cream.

Cast: Mega Man, Bob, Rush, The Author

Style: 16-Bit


Panel 1

{Mega Man runs to Bob.}
MEGA MAN: Hey Bob! Aren't ya gonna have any ice cream with us?
BOB: Mega Man, are you feeling okay?

Panel 2

{Mega Man stops running. Rush appears behind him.}
MEGA MAN: What do you mean?
BOB: I tried to kill you and you're inviting me to dessert. MEGA MAN: So?

Panel 3

{Mega Man runs away, to the ice cream. The Author appears above Bob.}
AUTHOR: Bob, are you really that surprised?
BOB: I guess everything is back to normal.

Panel 4

{Bob also runs away.}
AUTHOR: I wont tell any one if you don't.
RUSH: Deal.

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