Length: 10 comics, July 29, 2003 - August 7, 2003 (View all)

"Completely random comics about news and blood. Lots of blood."

Mega Man makes a news report that monkeys are flying out of his butt.

Robot Master Shade Man announces the weather forecast, which includes sunny weather, a little rain, and RIVERS OF BLOOD.

Mega then clears up the difference between Gyro Man and Myrmadon (a grey Gyro Man recolor).

Myrmadon tries to flirt with an offscreen girl, but his rotors accidentially set off when she strokes them, spreading a fine mist of blood everywhere within the three-foot area.

Mike has a news report about a fire at the Tokyo Municipal Orphanage. Roll tries to cover up her roasted-baby eating activities with a remark about helping the elderly.

Roll was spotted fleeing the scene. Chadling has attempted a sketch for the witness, but it's REALLY badly drawn. Chadling is "sacked" (more bluntly, killed) in favor of a much better artist; a fancomic character.

Mike is now at the scene of a 47-car pileup, but is run over and wounded by a stolen car driven by Plague, Spike, Spinjumper and Ran of Plague's Misadventures fame.

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