Length: 10 comics, December 21, 2003 - December 31, 2003 (View all)

"BnG News takes a look at the Helmeted Author."

Mega Man is running BnG News's desk once again, with a report on whether the Helmeted Author is evil or just misunderstood, although it's quite clearly the former once Mike was brutally assaulted when he asked the question to Helmut himself.

Mega then branches off into a different report on the evil/good status of Santa Claus. Santa was reportedly "found", but it was only Dr. Light.

A Christmas special interrupts the comic, complete with a massive pile of ice cream with Mega, Chadling, Bass, and (for some strange non-continuant reason) George buried in it.

Back with the "Santa" story, Santa was supposedly seen flying his sleigh in the sky, being shot down by the U.S. Air Force (and spilling reindeer guts all over), but Santa evidently survived and was declared a terrorist threat by President Bush. Santa then stormed the White House and placed a piece of coal on Bush's desk.

Off air, someone opens an elevator door, sending a large tidal wave of blood flooding the room.

On air again, Mega announces that Mike has a special report, but he is actually still lying for dead in the field Helmut left him in...

Mega closes BnG News telling everyone to enjoy the New Year's special followed by Helmut killing everyone.

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