Chadling is a character in Bob and George. He is a purple recolor of Slash Man, and has a strong craving for ice cream, although Dave has said that he once planned for Chadling to be ga-ga for bananas, however this personality trait has only appeared once. He and Mike were once minions of Mynd. Chadling is also a purple demon, and unlike Nate, who is a yellow demon, he can increase the size of his demon form many fold. Oddly he has only merged with one person, compared to Nate's four, and that one person was not even a robot, being George, who was able to merge with him due to having been inhaled by George. Dave has said that Chadling is what the original concept of George was, but George had changed so much over the years that he took the original character and stuck it in Chadling.

Halloween Costumes Edit

Fun FactsEdit

  • During The Attack of Non-Alternate Mynd, it has been said that George and Chadling got the ability to merge, when George inhaled some of him in The Attack of Megaman. This form is called Charge.
  • Even though there is a Non-Alternate Mynd, and Non-Alternate Mike, Non-Alternate Chadling is not a character in the comic. According to a flashback, he had turned on Non-Alternate Mynd earlier and was destroyed for his treachery.
  • He has been more than once, mistaken for a drink, most often by Bass.

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