December 2003
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BnG News Exposé - Special Closing Statement

Summary: Mega Man announces the end of the BnG News Exposé.

Cast: Mega Man, Roll, Mike, Helmeted Author, Nate, Proto Man, George, Bob, Bass, Dr. Light, Mynd, Chadling, The Author, Dr. Wily

Style: 16-Bit


Panel 1

{Mega Man is seen as a news presentator. "BnG News" is seen in the background, written in Italic text.}
MEGA MAN: And this concludes this installment of BnG News.

Panel 2

{Behind Mega Man, the walls go open with a "SWISH!" sound effect revealing Mike, Roll, Helmut(the Helmeted Author) and Nate.}
MEGA MAN: From all of us here at BnG News, we thank you for watching.

Panel 3

{The walls are now fully open, revealing also Proto Man, George, Bob, Dr. Light, Bass, Mynd, Chadling and The Author.
MEGA MAN: Please stay tuned to the New Year's Special, followed by Helmut killing everyone.

Panel 4

{Since Mega Man stops talking, Dr. Wily is also revealed in the far background. Helmut raises his hands in the air.}

Fun FactsEdit

  • This is how everyone stands in the background:
    • From left to right: Bass, George, Proto Man, Roll, Mega Man in the foreground, Mike, Helmut, Bob, Dr. Light
    • Nate stands behind them
    • Mynd is hanging on the left wall, Chadling on the right one, The Author from the ceiling with Shadow Man Next to him,invisible and Wily floats in the background.

External linksEdit

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