February 2006
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The Sixth Megaman Game: Little Bunny Mega Man

Summary: George searches wikipedia.

Cast: Proto Man, George, Mega Man

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Proto Man to the left, George to the right. George is typing on his laptop which is on a grey desk.}
PROTO MAN: Anything?
GEORGE: Nothing. Wikipedia doesn't even have anything about him.

Panel 2

{George stops typing and turns around.}
PROTO MAN: Well, maybe it wasn't him. Maybe it was some other recolored Proto Man... um, named Bob?

Panel 3

GEORGE: There has to be some way to find out for sure.
PROTO MAN: Well, there was one person who was there...

Panel 4

{Outside, Mega Man has blue bunny ears and is hopping across.}
MEGA MAN: ♪ Little Bunny Foo ♪ Foo... hoppin' ♪ through the forest...

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