February 2006
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The Sixth Megaman Game: A Bob Named Sue

Summary: Bob tells Dr. Wily the greatest plan ever.

Cast: Dr. Wily, Bob

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dr. Wily is on a chair looking at Bob.}
DR. WILY: You want me to kill Mr. X and take his place as the administrator of this robot tournament?

Panel 2

BOB: Yes, that's how history says this tournament is supposed to go.
DR. WILY: But why would I want to do that?

Panel 3

BOB: Because one the weak competition has been eliminated, you'll end up with the eight most powerful robots in the entire world, and you can destroy Mega Man!

Panel 4

DR. WILY: Of course! That's brilliant! Why didn't I think of that myself?
BOB: Because it's my right as the Mary Sue to come up with all the good ideas.

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