February 2006
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The Sixth Megaman Game: Temporarily Voluntarily

Summary: George decides to travel though time.

Cast: Proto Man, George, Mega Man

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Proto Man and Mega Man are stood at either side of George, who seems worried as he is cluthing his head.}
GEORGE: What the hell do you mean you were there when Bob died?!
MEGA MAN: What do you think I mean?

Panel 2

{George gets angry.}
MEGA MAN: I saw Bob die with my own two eyes.
GEORGE: I can't let him die! I have to go back in time and save him!

Panel 3

PROTO MAN: {Puts his hand on George's shoulder and George looks at him.} George, stop! Listen to yourself! Do you realize what you're saying?!

Panel 4

GEORGE: {Looks at audience.} Yes. I want to go back in time. Voluntarily.

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