Fistandantilus, AKA "The Helmeted Author" or "Helmut," is a character in Bob and George: The Comic Strip. While originally appearing to be the Author wearing a helmet, he is soon revealed to be a seperate character and one of the major villains of the series.

First AppearanceEdit

The Helmeted Author's first appearance was in Bob And George #553: There Are No Plotholes, punching Mega Man in the head for pointing out the plothole that Chadling had arrived in the Mega Man Universe with Mynd, despite having been blasted into the Alternate Universe previously. The Helmeted Author then proceeded to drag Mega Man off to The Rehabilitator.

He would make a couple more appearances in the storyline, including a Halloween Special where he was portrayed for the first time as a seperate character from the Author, although as this was a special strip, it is not considered a canon appearance.

In The FutureEdit

After a brief appearance in Bob and George #666: Deja Glitch, Fistandantilus's next appearance was in the future, in Bob and George #712: Helmeted Intervention, in order to break up Prometheus's Time-Travelling Doublespeak to Bob in order to get the story back on track. (or rather, because the second anniversary was coming up, and the stalling needed to stop) This is the first canonical time that the Helmeted Author and the Regular Author are portrayed as different characters (although the Helmeted Author was still using the Author's Flash Effects for disappearing.)

First Act Of VillainyEdit

Starting in the storyline of Something Different, Fistandantilus began his first truly evil action. Somewhere between #853: Stupid Eyelashes and #854: Artificial Stupidity, he knocked out Mega Man, locking him in a closet, and took his place, although this went unrevealed to the readers. "Mega Man" proceeded to destroy a bunch of evil bugs (that he himself had released) and captured the "Mini-Author" and put him in a jar. He then proceeded to turn on and nearly destroy everyone.

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