"At least the ice cream was good."

George (also known as Blitz and Spark) is a main character of Bob and George. He is an 18 year old super-hero from an alternate dimension forced to live with Mega Man and friends after failing to reach the exit vortex in time. His love for ice cream is unmatched by anyone and he has been declared the Ultimate Lord of the Ice Cream Clan because of it. His younger brother is Bob. He has a hatred for time travel and hanging from ceilings. His only weakness is his low self-esteem.

Debut: The Return of Mega Man - There, Are You Happy Now?!

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"George came from another dimension with Bob. He can control lightning and has a craving for ice cream."

Appearance Edit

When George was introduced into the sprite comic, he was dressed up as The Author. He soon switched back to his original clothes after escaping the area. He has blond, spiky hair which shoots up into a Super Saiyan styled hairstyle. He wears light blue battle armor, lighter than Mega Man's colour. He wore a black eye patch during one storyline, but this was replaced by a bionic eye later on.

History Edit

The Return of Mega Man Edit

George's head was in one of the comics to show that Dave was working on the hand drawn comics.

The Hand Drawn Comics I Edit

Created by The Author, George was part of the hand drawn universe. He grew worried as backgrounds materialised, as that initialised the comic's beginning. Soon, he ended up getting a job at McBoogers, growing annoyed at his co-worker, Tom. As one hideous customer gave a bit of backstory to his life, George ran away and quit his job. Soon, he noticed an explosion occur and his younger brother, Bob, stepped out of the flames. He was in Napalm form which caused George to turn into Spark.

The Hand Drawn Comics II Edit

Trying the comic again, George returned and revealed he lost fifty bucks in office pool. He altered his costume identity to Blitz as it was clearly a better super-hero name. He told Napalm that he was going to send him to jail. Instead, he was tricked by Napalm as he convinced George to look the other way, giving him time to escape. He quit his Blitz identity and went home to his mother, who was utterly frustrated by George's failure of keeping a job. Rather than try and have a few days off, George was forced to attend colleges, but never reached the area. He was chased by Napalm and luckily found a vortex.

Not Just Another Day Edit

Escaping from his home universe, George secured himself a clever disguise of becoming The Author to avoid detection from the other characters[1]. He was spotted by Mega Man yet left with Mega Man and The Author by Proto Man to make the situation harder to figure out[2]. Both The Author and George proclaimed themselves the author of the comic which confused Mega Man[3]. In the heat of the moment, Mega Man brought out his gun which caused The Author and George to escape from the area, leading to a confrontation between the two and the revelation that George is the title character, who reveals that Bob will be over shortly. He states that he has returned to take the comic back and will do so by any means necessary[4][5]. Bob arrives[6] and begins a battle with Proto Man[7], allowing Mega Man and The Author to escape the area and watch the ensuing fight[8]. George left the battle shortly afterwards and removed his Author clothing[9] and back into his original gear with Mega Man finding him[10] and thinking he was Bob[11].

The Introduction of George Edit

George then revealed his identity completely at that point to avoid confusion. The two got ice cream and discussed the nature of the comic and The Author, losing their ice creams due to The Author's power. George convinced Mega Man not to search for Bob, only for the background to change, heralding the coming of Bob.

The Introduction of Bob Edit

It was at this point George revealed that Bob was his brother. He told Mega Man about Bob's history, but confused him right at the beginning. As Mega Man insulted Bob, he appeared behind him, causing Mega Man to switch places with George to protect himself. Bob left to find Proto Man which made George tell Mega Man the truth about the situation. He then escaped the area and ran back to the extra-dimensional portal to his home universe.

The Attack of Bob Edit

Bob returned as Mega Man started to defend George, being defeated four times in a row, with Bob growing increasingly more annoyed. George and Bob kept exchanging in conversation during this time. George was then shot by Bob but lived. George managed to stall Bob enough for Nate to arrive and soon Bob was thrown into the portal by Nate, leaving George within the Mega Man universe forever.

The Aftermath of Bob Edit

He met up with The Author and began to question every single plot hole that had occured during the battle against Bob, including why Bob was allowed to go home. He learnt about Nate's magnificent transformation beforehand. It was revealed that Bob failed to reach home and ended up in an alternate universe.

The Second Megaman Game Edit

As time went on, George kept being removed from existance due to Mega Man's and Bass's actions during Mega Man 2. He witnessed The Author break down and tried to save him, but failed. He appeared at the anniversary party also and took up the role of bartender.

The Author's Breakdown Edit

He witnessed The Author begin a slow spiral to a mental breakdown. George was worried about him, but accidentally made him run off, proclaiming that George hated him. This gave George a bad idea of what was going to occur. He soon met up with Bob, who arrived from the multi-verse with no explanation. The comic derailed and made George scared with Bob insulting him. The comic was fixed after Mega Man saved the day, making George feeling stupid. They then celebrated the fourth of July and went back to their lives.

The Next Generation Edit

George soon entered the bathroom and remained there for an awfully long time, but returned to find Zero on Mega Man X's pod.

The Arrival of Mynd Edit

After they left, George soon met up with Mynd, Chadling and Mike, who had arrived to attack the universe, but ignores the three for the Industrial Strength Ice Cream Nate was holding at the time. George, Chadling and Nate left the area then to have the ice cream with Mega Man and Bass, but George soon left and found Bob instead, wondering what happened, only for the Helmeted Author to reveal the truth.

The Attack of Mynd Edit

As George continued living his life as Mynd attacked, he soon found out about his friends' deaths and teamed up with his brother, Bob, to attack. George and Bob turned into Blitz and Napalm respectively, but even his super powerful attack could not stop Mynd's defense systems. Soon, the two used their Ultimate Attack and vanquished the entire comic strip, effectively killing everyone.

The Third Megaman Game Edit

He soon had a vivid dream that he was back in the Hand-Drawn universe in his bed. He then woke up and found out he was in Doctor Light's laboratory. He met up with Doctor Light and Doctor Wily, which frustrates him to an unbelievable level, only to talk to Mega Man who was undeniably smart since his re-programming in the future. He then found out that all the events transpiring were before the third Mega Man game from Mega Man himself. Mega Man then revealed his re-programmed intelligence and then told George about Gamma, the peace-keeping robot. Soon, Mega Man and George conspired to alter the future itself to prevent Doctor Wily from taking over the world, ultimately failing as George revealed his plan and was consequently kidnapped by Wily. As he hanged in the air, he had frequent conversations with Proto Man about Wily's plans, and even tempted Wily with information about the future. Much later on, Bob and Wily made a deal to free George to prevent his onslaught on the laboratory. George was once again left on his own.

Even later on, he managed to break the laws of time and space and arrived in the future with Proto Man and Roll, effectively creating a plot hole just for ice cream. He was scared back into the past by the Helmeted Author. Back in the past, he met up with Wily's clone and discussed the plans of Doc Robot, and soon the Wily clone was creating it. Dark Man arrived to give some helpful pointers as mistakes and then threatened George not to reveal his true intentions of sabotage. After Dark Man left, George slowly went insane and began to insult Wily and spin around using the hanging rope, then noticed two Wilys, which was revealed for one to be a robotic clone. Bob returned with the crystals and freed George from his eternal trap where he lived for six months. He questionned by Bob did not use his powers to save him, but then Bob retaliated by asking why George didn't use his. This is a painful realisation, and George blows up Wily's fortress in the process. After leaving the fortress, George witnessed Bob quit the comic and spoke to Proto Man over the whole issue. The Wily clone was defeated by Proto Man but then Gamma was introduced. Using the power of the title character perk, George and Proto Man stood underneath Gamma and it was subsequently defeated by a series of plot twists which resulted in Dr. Light being the defeater of Gamma. George and Bob went to Doctor Light's laboratory and found out the truth over the event, then returned back to their own time.

Something Different Edit

George and Chadling met up and ran off to get some ice cream, then parted ways. Mega Man asked for George to fire electricity into his eye to remove a bug, which he gladly did. Soon, killer bugs were released into the laboratory and George fled the area. Soon, George met up with Ran and witnessed Beat take Rick O'Shay away, with Feniks riden by The Author.

The Attack of Mega Man Edit

Later, George decided to have some ice cream and had some free ice cream, guaranteed to not be poison, with Chadling. Unfortunately, it was poisoned and he was knocked out cold. However, due to a time paradox, a future version of George allowed his past self to lose the nanobots and poison within, allowing him to wake up. He turned into Blitz form and appeared next to Chadling to battle the Helmeted Author disguised as Mega Man and Bass. George, however, was defeated by a few remaining nanobots within his system, although non-lethal. He ended up injesting some of Chadling's buttock.

N4T3'5 R3C4P W33K Edit

He threw the buttock up on Nate during his recap week.

The Fourth Megaman Game Edit

George and Ran met up again when George realised that Ran was related to Doctor Cossack. The two then discussed the fourth Mega Man game, with Ran's version of events. After a lot of explaining, George poked Ran and killed him a couple of times before resuming the story. He had a problem believing that Proto Man failed to find Kalinka, then managed to get Ran to tell the truth. He got slightly side-tracked when he noticed that Mega Man had returned from the other universe.

After the party, he had a problem with Mega Man's supposed killing of the volcano kid, but that was a lie as the kid arrived and was killed by Ran instead. He also learnt that Eddie the Flip Top was created by Doctor Cossack, not Doctor Light. After listening to the entire story, he found it hard to believe, but was convinced when Mega Man ran away from Eddie.

Story Time Edit

He talked to Proto Man for some exposition over the evil Mega Man deal and he soon questionned how he lived through the event. Leaving Proto Man, he found Doctor Light fondling X's creation chamber and began to learn of the possible explanations of his survival, until the answer was revealed; time travel. He turned insane and was soon placed in a drug induced coma, meeting up with his spiritual guide, Mega Man X, but it was all a distraction and George was sent back in time.

Another Bad Time Edit

He assessed the situation as he recieved an incoming call from Doctor Light. The two exchanged an argument which soon led to George blackmailing Doctor Light by putting his life on the line. Doctor Light explained the use of the button for twenty minutes, and then soon revealed that voice commands existed. George, reluctantly, left to find out what happened in the past that allowed him to live. Instead, he was caught by Bass, who had a higher range of frequencies than the light bots, and Bass revealed how he could see him. Soon, he ran off to go poison the past George and Chadling, confusing George a bit. He found Roll's body but decided to leave her alone and left, dodging the falling Mini-Rick coming from the sky. Mini-Rick took George to The Author who was locked in a jar, but George broke it due to his title character powers. The Author increased in size and told George to find himself, which led to him leaving the area. He appeared back in the main laboratory area and found Bass and Chadling battling, with Bass pleading for George to help him. Unfortunately for George, Chadling noticed him which led to a distraction long enough for Bass to destroy Chadling. Soon, George found his past self and examined the nanobots within, jumping out the way of Bass's falling body. This caused a chain reaction and led to an electrical circuitary combining of George's time suit and his past self's battle suit, leading to the destruction of the nanobots. In a twist, the electricity effected George's time suit and sent him further into the past. His time suit then broke, but he was still intangible. Due to his weak psyche, his mind cracked and soon he had a split personality telling him nobody likes him, but the personality soon departed. He found Bass and Chadling, but neither one could hear him.

George's Bad Day Edit

Soon, after a while, George was heard by Rush, which led to Rush's power to speak English be found out. After a long story, it was all understood. Rush left and got Bass, causing George to go completely insane and start ranting random rubbish.

George's Really Bad Day Edit

However, he smelt marshmellow ice cream and followed the trail into the back room, finding the Helmeted Author tying up Mega Man to take over his costume and become the evil Mega Man. Unfortunately, the Helmeted Author noticed George and caught him, explaining who he was and then sending George to another location. When he woke up, he found himself in Doctor Wily's fortress, tied to the ceiling, and soon in a drug induced coma. In a fit of rage, he blew up Wily's fortress using his electricity powers. He met up with Bass, Rush and Nate shortly afterwards, explaining to Nate about the future attack of Mega Man to help them prepare. George and Rush then retired to Acapulco.

Helmeted Attack Edit

Six months later, George shot across the Earth in his Blitz form and stopped off at the ice cream excavation before returning to Doctor Light's laboratory. There, he found the Helmeted Author, who told him that Proto Man and Nate were dead. If that wasn't enough, the Helmeted Author proceeded to use this as a way of insulting George, stating that his love of ice cream came before his friends, making him feel bad. George shot a lightning bolt at the Helmeted Author and then dodged his counter-attack. In another counter-attack, he was placed within the box, the death trap of Proto Man and Nate. Fortunately, George managed to use his electrical powers to escape from the trap. The force of electricity was so large that the Helmeted Author was defeated due to the box's glass shards. Proto Man and Nate returned, with Nate removing the Helmeted Author's helmet to send him back, only to be turned to stone due to the prevention of power technique enforced within. George and Helmut discussed his identity when Mega Man returned, only for his character to get deleted from the strip itself. As George tried to distract Helmut, Proto Man snuck up behind and fired his blaster, only to kill George instead due to Helmut's powers. Later on, George was revived by The Author, but then sent to the White Space with Proto Man.

The Fourth Party Edit

The two fell down and crash landed in Rick O'Shay's land. They met up with Rick who decided not to update the comic one day. They soon met with Chick Bot, with George proclaiming himself the Ultimate Lord of the Ice Cream Clan. Chick Bot accidentally summoned an army of tacos which nearly destroyed the cameo-verse. George and Proto Man managed to escape in time, back to the party.

The Adventures of Ninja Ned Edit

He returned back to the laboratory and began to clean up Nate. Mike tried to be great by bragging about himself saving the world, but this was quickly overshadowed by George's victory of saving the universe. Mike then explained his story, which George believed was pointless. He returned to fixing Nate.

The Fifth Megaman Game Edit

Later, he complained to The Author about a lack of halloween costumes. After a while, George travelled back in time voluntarily to tell the alternate Bass and Mega Man that they should not let Doctor Light build them a time suit. He escaped before Light got his gun.

The Attack of Non-Alternate Mynd Edit

When he returned, he went outside and found a group of ninjas lying in wait, not being stealthy. He called Proto Man, Mega Man and Ran, but Ran shortly ran off due to the idea of Ran-bombs and Mega Man's devious smile. He turned into Blitz and fired a low-current electricity voltage through the ninjas, effectively disabling them. As he waited around, Proto Man and Mega Man left, only for Proto Man to arrive later and reveal that Mega Man had been killed by Mynd. Proto Man and George returned and found Mynd had also defeated Nate and Chadling with ease.

He teamed up with Mike and Proto Man, aware that this is a life-or-death situation. He found out that Mynd knows all their plans. When given the choice to save or let Mike die, he went on a rant about why he shouldn't save him, but was convinced by Proto Man after being reminded that he is, after all, a super-hero. To spare a few minutes of his own life, he explained how he defeated the ninjas that attacked. Afterwards, Proto Man decided not to help Mike and left the group, but with a plan up his sleeve. George stalled Mynd long enough for Proto Man to combine with Nate and become PR0T34N. As the two battled ferociously, George and Chadling united to become CH4RG3, able to do so after Chadling's body combined with George's structure after the nanobot explosion. Charge took Mega Man upstairs into Doctor Light's laboratory and then defused from each other, becoming seperate entities again.

The Introduction of X Edit

George was called by Doctor Light with the others to enter the main laboratory section and witness the introduction of Mega Man X. However, this did not go to plan and the newly built robot was missing from his capsule. George was contacted by Mega Man X's spirit and went over to his capsule, moving and pressing the button at random intervals as revenge for Doctor Light's explanation of the time suit. Mega Man X was returned to his capsule thankfully and everything returned back to normal. He watched X be activated then left with Mega Man and Chadling to get some Industrial Strength Ice Cream. X and Ran met up with the three with X detesting the ice cream made. George, being the Ultimate Lord of the Ice Cream Clan, attacked X with Chadling and Mega Man. They soon gave up their attack and George left to find X to apologise. Instead, he ended up giving him the idea to assimilate everyone to forcefully make them friends. He ran back to Doctor Light which led to Doctor Light combining with Circus to get his battle suit up and running.

The Attack of X Edit

The two went to the holosimulator room and found X using his mind to send both Proto Man and Roll into his mind. Doctor Light left and George failed to convince X to stop. Nate entered to help, but was taken into the control field. X used the announcer field to use George's voice and convince everyone to enter the holosimulator. Mega Man burst through the entrance, but was left alone, however Chadling was captured. Mega Man was tricked into thinking that X was a robot master, and then taken in also. George turned into Blitz to try and stop him, but even his most powerful attack failed. After a quick discussion with Light, the hero soon left to find Bass in Wily's fortress. The two formulated a plan, but it failed as X already heard the entire conversation and prepared all his defenses in advance, thus preventing George from defeating him. This gave George no hope as Bass was then under control, then questionned The Author by saying "how could this get any-", thus making Mike enter the room and allowing X to gain control of humanity. George was almost assimilated, but using his electrical powers, he forcefully entered X's mind on his own with full control over the situation.

The Mind of X, Part 1 Edit

He turned into an electrical version of himself and was attacked by the Friend Police, all consisting of Mega Man. Roll and Proto Man noticed this happening and so Proto Man ran off to save his friend. George met up with the resistance, including Chadling, Nate and Bass. Bass explained the prospect of core personalities and Nate revealed how their core personalities survived in the harsh terrain. Knowingly, George's electro-magnetic signal was noticed by the Friend Police and soon they attacked, effectively killing Chadling. George and Roll were escorted by two Mega Men to X's mind, discussing the plan of attack. They met up with Navi X who ended the rebellion with a thought and then allowed George to go to the mind core. In a vain attempt, George fired an electrical bolt which failed, but sent George spiralling through to the sixth Mega Man game instead.

Megaman 6 Edit

Rather than wait for the game to play out, George ran up to Doctor Wily and revealed his identity to the entire audience instead. Mega Man appeared and George explained the truth of the event to him, also revealing that he does not care about the space-time continuum. As Doctor Wily was clearly cunning, George simply removed his disguise and Doctor Wily was caught out. However, as the robot masters began their assault, George lost his powers, but managed to recouperate them again in time. When he fired, he created a hole in space-time and absorbed Plant Man into the breach. He fired another shot and accidentally destroyed the universe. Luckily for him, it was all a part of X's defense systems, but the mind did not repair fast enough as George did not follow the rules.

The Mind of X, Part 2 Edit

He met up with Doctor Light's core and was trapped in X's mind. Light told George that it was all a complex defense system designed to stop him from continuing his attack. After a bit of exposition, Proto Man's core appeared from nowhere to help in the conversation and answer a few unexplained questions. X joined in and the week of exposition began, with the truth finally being revealed. George was forced to leave by Doctor Light, Proto Man and X, unable to help them anymore, but still frustrated by the prospect of a comic with him and X in it. As he left, the electrical surge destroyed X's shell and removed every participant of his mind out, humans and robots alike.

The Aftermath of X Edit

George met with Rush and realised that the comic also had the support bots. Through a chain reaction, Auto exploded after George's harsh comment about him. Doctor Light shouted at George and the two entered an argument, trying to decide who was to blame for X's actions. The body of X and Auto were removed by Rush and Tango which caused both Light and George to run off and get an Electro-magnetic BB Gun to scare them away. Light fired his fearsome gun, but George looked at the light and was blinded. In bed, he learnt from Light that Rush and Tango were nearly destroyed by the BB gun.

His eyes shortly healed and he found Nate and Chadling had combined and Doctor Light and Mega Man were on their way to fixing it. Soon, Chadling and Nate ended up in Mega Man's body and vise versa. Mega Man revealed himself to be evil once again, but George quickly put a stop to that. Doctor Light went on a drinking bender which was stopped by George, then the two discussed the plans to dismantle X forever. However, George convinced Light to keep X alive, but lost an eye in the process and was then put into a drug-induced coma. Light handed him an eyepatch which he proceeded to wear for a short while.

Prelude to the Worst Time Edit

Rather than have an eyepatch, a bionic eye was installed instead. George and Doctor Light questionned what to do with X and George suggested placing X in a capsule for thirty years, like it says in the Mega Man X manual. It was roughly at this point that he realised that his younger brother, Bob, had been dead over two years and he hadn't noticed. He asked Mega Man, who was in control by Chadling at that point, but gave up and asked Proto Man instead, who blamed Bob for all his problems. Soon, George went insane once again after finding out that his brother died a hero. During his insanity streak, he ran into an invisible wall placed by the Shadowy Author, who told George that Bob was fine.

The Worst Time Edit

He returned to Light and helped him clean his laboratory, finding the First Annual Robot Tournament on video. Both Proto Man and George got popcorn and sat back to watch the show, only to see Bob in the past also. After six hours, he finished the video and decided to voluntarily go back in time to save Bob.

The Sixth Megaman Game Edit

He searched wikipedia for any entry on Bob but came to no avail. George and Proto Man ran off and met up with Mega Man, who stated that Bob died during the game. He re-enforced the idea that he was going to go back in time and proceeded to do so. He arrived just as Bob mentioned George to Doctor Wily. In vain, he tried to save Bob but failed as he was busy trying to take over the world. Instead, Bob tricked George into helping him and Doctor Wily take over the world.

After George had served his purpose Bob knocked him out and stole the timesuit, George activated the time suit with his lightning and both Bob and George were lost in time.

George appeared while Centaur Man and Megaman (Or Vic, who really cares) were fighting and said Megaman stole his colours, Author convinced George to stop and George's last words of the 6th Megaman Game were "Thank you for not suing us Capcom" and disappeared again

All Good ThingsEdit

This storyline revolves around George, he's travelling between the hand drawn universe (Liss is drawing it), the present (The 16-Bit sprites) and the future ( The 32-Bit sprites). George runs into the room as Mega Man, Proto Man, and Bass are discussing Mega Man 6 and frantically asks what year it is, to which Proto Man answers that it is 20XX, which doesn't help.

The Last StripsEdit

George (as the Shadowy Author) returns in time to stop Bob from destroying the entire universe with a supernova-level explosion. Bob unmasks him, and George reveals how the Shadowy Author gave him the powers he needed to foil Bob's plan to destroy the universe. Bob, undeterred, continues to proceed with his plan to kill the Author and destroy the universe, but George finally reveals the blaster on his suit and attempts to shoot Bob, only for it to misfire with a click.

Bob is taken aback that George was finally going to kill him, at which point Fistandantilus emerges from Bob, angry that he just lost his bet with the Author. The two Authors explain that they were having a bet over whether or not George would finally kill Bob. Then Bob and George's mother appears, revealing that she was the one responsible for sending them into the comic in the first place to toughen George up so he'd finally be willing to kill Bob if the time came that Bob crossed the line.

After this revelation, Mom takes Bob and George back to their home universe.


Back in his home universe, George went on to get a job as an electrical engineer. It was a boring job, but it paid the bills and still allowed him time to be a superhero on the side. He always planned on going back to the Mega Man Universe to visit, but real life always intervened and he never did. Or at least, that's how things would have turned out had Zero not mentioned the Cataclysm to Doctor Wily, so instead, George is seen with the others in Acapulco.


Halloween Costumes Edit

Alternate Versions Edit

  • Reverse George: A homicidal maniac who likes to kill for the fun of it. He murdered Doctor Light, Doctor Wily and Roll because they did not fight back. His eyes were ripped out by Reverse Beat, thus making him blind. He is also arrogant and his eyes never stop bleeding.