Length: 23 comics, November 28, 2003 - December 20, 2003 (View all)

"George is stuck in the past with no hope for warning anyone what's about to happen."

George's sanity was in jeporady for a few moments until he smelled a trail of ice cream bowls, already eaten. He follows the trail, and comes to the Helmeted Author, who just freshly blasted Mega Man to submission. He announces his plans to destroy this dimension, and sends George into a fate worse then death; hanging from the ceiling, back in his normal state, in a bewildered Dr. Wily's lab.

Wily had evidently pumped George full of tranqualizer because Mega Man X shows up as George's spirit guide again. He leads George to blow up the fortress, much to Dr. Wily's dismay.

At Dr. Light's lab, Mega Man is acting rather... strange, saying he has to get back in character, and runs off to stupidly tell Roll that he has eyelashes...

At the flat land that was once Wily's fortress, Bass comes not worrying about Wily (who escaped prior to the destruction, thankfully) but about his Magic: The Gathering cards and Beanie Babies. Nate also comes by to save George, but too late as George already saved himself. George tells Bass and Nate about how Mega Man will turn evil, and Nate says he will see that it will work out.

With no way to get to the present, George and Rush decide to stay at some tropical island...

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