Ghost Man is a Robot Master built by an aspiring programmer to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament.

Debut: The Sixth Megaman Game - Battle #8: Ghost Man vs Pac Man.

Appearance Edit

Ghost Man appears to be a robot which looks like it is hidden underneath a bed sheet, although the sheet could in fact be armour. The sheet is white to represent the ghostly image and his legs and arms are dark grey. He has a blaster. Black eyes are visible through the sheet.

When Pac Man eats a power pellet, Ghost Man turns blue as a sign of weakness.

Personality Edit

He is aggressive and holds a bitter rivalry with Pac Man. He likes to use insults to assert his authority.

Abilities Edit

He has a blaster capable of damage, although he does not use it. He has an ability to glide across the floor at an unbelievable speed.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Ghost Man was designed by Iris of Stage Select, as was Pac Man. Ghost Man was originally created for Stage Select and appears at least once in the annual Halloween fillers.

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