Length: 56 comics, February 5, 2004 - April 1, 2004 (View all)

"The Helmeted Author continues his attack."
Nate fuses with Helmut, creating H4T3, but is soon blasted by Proto Man's "Snow Cone maker", which destroys his George costume, as well as blasting Nate over the walls. Helmut then uses his powers to swap places with Proto Man, and is now in the ride armor, facing down a seemingly defenseless Light Bot, but in counter Proto Man merges with Nate to form Protean. Protean (a 16-bit Napalm Man recolor), blasts the guns off of Helmut's ride armor while his own arms are blown off, however, unlike the ride armors, Protean's arms regenerate and he once again faces off against a disarmed Helmut. Helmut climbs out of the ride armor, then asks Protean to blast him, claiming to be defenseless, but then, just as he fires, Helmut traps Protean in an ever-shrinking force cage of death. Proto Man calls for reinforcements, but everyone else is away, digging for ice cream, which was a destraction that Helmut had rigged up. After the trap finishes, Helmut goes to find Dr. Light, but is stopped by George. After exchanging a few attacks, Helmut traps George in the (very pretty) box. George seems unable to escape, but then remembers his physics lessons, specifically the Law of Conservation of Energy. Realizing that Helmut has to absorb the energy that contacts his force field, Goerge blasts it with his powers, causing it to shatter, and a fragment of it impales Helmut. Once it dissapates (causing Helmut to bleed very profusely), Proto Man and Nate reappear, having escaped Helmut's trap by sqeezing through a crack in the floor. Proto Man then orders Nate to kill Helmut, and remarks that there is no drain in the room as it has been filling up with Helmut's blood as he continues to act like a gyser. After cleaning the blood out, Nate removes Helmut's helmet, which releases his true form, Fistandantilus. After some banter, he vaporizes Mega Man, and is attacked by Proto Man. He misses Fistandantilus, and accidentally blasts George. Proto Man says that George can't be killed, due to him being a title character. Fistandantilus says that there can be no more plot devices to save anyone, for he had captured The Author inside of a jar. The Author, however, had escaped, due to George breaking the jar, and explained his long absence by saying that he had been drinking. After reviving Mega Man and George, The Author and Fistandantilus fought, and destroyed the comic with their powers.

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