Length: 35 comics, January 1, 2004 - February 4, 2004 (View all)

"George returns, wielding a blaster and a helmut..."

A New Year's special kicks off this storyline, with a large fishtank of Wily Beer.

Proto Man and Roll are standing around, thinking that it's about time for another mass killing. Proto Man thinks that George is the next mass-killer. George is, oddly, wearing a helmet, saying that it's a new training tool. They clear all doubts when George runs off for ice cream.

George stops eating when Proto points out he ate poison-flavored ice cream, then stops puking it up when Proto says he was kidding about poison-flavored ice cream. Mega Man was also puking ice cream, but only because "all the cool people were doing it".

Proto starts running the training simulation in the lab. He starts at level one; a sickly, gray, old Met. He bumps it up to level two; a rather drastic change when it turns out to be a Guts Man-Met. He defeats it, but the training simulator screws up and goes to level 15; a massive Yellow Demon with a Met hat. George then steps in to kill the "Bugly" demon. He then supposedly sacrafices himself to save Proto Man, but then blows up the Demon from the inside, allowing them both to leave.

Proto Man explains to George that he was training for the oncoming mass killer, and he has also prepared a large collection of robots to help kill the killer, along with a snow cone maker. Supposedly, however, George set off the emergency self-destruct and sealed Proto Man inside...

It's quite obvious that George is actually the Helmeted Author now as he leaves in his trademark teleport. When the explosion ocurrs, however, the sign "Weapons Cache" falls out to reveal "Holosimulator"...

"George" goes to Dr. Light to inform of Proto Man's demise, but he supposedly doesn't care. Helmut accidentially slips and basically confessed that he did it. He decides to kill Dr. Light, but Light collapses from drunkenness, leaving Helmut to believe he won't remember anything. Helmut runs off to kill Nate. Dr. Light then wakes up, calling bull elephants "lightweights"...

Helmut is now trying to find Nate, but can't find him. He mentions that plans have been going too well for him lately, with Proto having a nuclear self-destruct and Light falling down drunk. It then turns out that the yellow room he was in IS Nate in disguise. In one fell swoop, Nate begins crunching down on Helmut...

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