The story revolves around Joshua Kent in what seems to be an alternate earth. Joshua is what is known as an EX or a person with EXtraordanary powers. He seems to be super strong, but his actual powers are largly unknown. The story begins as Joshua heads off to become an Omnisecre's apprentice. He joins a team in Carmella City, Iowa under Adam Appleman.

The team is known as Integrity United, consisting of Adam Appleman, Kitty Klassen, Mike and Ike Falsworth-Crichton, Benjamin Glove, Taylor O'Hara, and Joshua himself.

This comic is most definitly a superhero comic, but very little is known up to this point. More details are sure to follow.

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An EX's powers comes from his genetic makeup. Jjkaybomb pointed out on the forums that the energy used to form these powers comes from the biological chemical ATP.

There are several name changes to these well known powers in House of Cards:

  • Super Physique = Super Stregnth
  • Super Physique of the Legs = Super Speed
  • Propulsion = Flight
  • Thermal Freeze = Ice Powers
  • Flammable ATP = Fire Powers
  • Pheremone Release = Animal Control?

There is sure to be more powers as the comic continues

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