Length: 25 comics, September 24, 2001 - October 8, 2001 (View all)

"X and Zero go home, and we find out there was one more survivor of the Cataclysm."

Zero and Mega Man X are still in the past, telling more "gay" jokes, but the Author, tired of their loafing around, sends them back to the future (in 32-Bit format, no less).

Supposedly, their answering machine has 7000 messages, all from Iris, Zero's girlfriend (Dave has said that Zero's relationship with Iris was the only thing he could make fun of).[1] Proto Man (under the alias Prometheus) sneaks up and talks with X. He and Zero then leave the room to deal with Iris, and Prometheus mentions on how he misses the past.

Surprisingly, the Author comes to the future, and Proto Man explains that he misses the past because the future is too serious and smart. The Author tries to find out what happened, but Proto Man says that before the Author quit the comic for good, he made him promise to never tell anyone, including himself. So the Author sets out to find out what the Cataclysm was about.

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