July 2000
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The Attack of the Yellow Demon - Special Big Episode #2!

Summary: Mega Man blasts the Yellow Demon, but he regenerates.

Cast: Mega Man, Yellow Demon

Style: 16-Bit


Panel 1}

{Mega Man runs, with his blaster fully charged, to the Yellow Demon.}

Panel 2

{Mega Man jumps and fires his blaster shot at the Demon. A "BLAMMO!! is seen, which laps over to the next panel.}

Panel 3

{Part of the Demon's upper body explodes and goop is sent flying. A cross can be seen on its eye, indicating that he is knocked-out. A "Splooge" is seen.}

Panel 4

{Mega Man crouches/kneels and looks up. Goop is dripping from the Yellow Demon's body.}

Panel 5

{Mega Man raises his hands in the air.}
MEGA MAN: Yes! I did it! I killed it! I am the MAN!!

Panel 6

{The Yellow Demon's eye suddenly opens and starts to glow.}

Panel 7

{The Demon's eye starts shooting electricity at his body.}

Panel 8

{The Demon starts regenerating.}
MEGA MAN: Ohhhh shit.

Panel 9

{The Demon has almost finished regenerating. Mega Man lowers his hands.}

Panel 10

{The Demon has finished regenerating. Mega Man looks at the audience.}
MEGA MAN: You know, something tells me I should run.

Panel 11

{Mega Man runs away while the Demon's eye opens.}

Panel 12

YELLOW DEMON: Argh! I am so gonna kill him.

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