July 2003
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BnG News - The Weather Forecast

Summary: Shade Man presents the weather.

Cast: Mega Man and Shade Man.

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Mega Man is seen as a news presentator."BnG News" is seen in the background in all four panels.}
MEGA MAN: Welcome back to BnG News. We now go to Shade Man with the weather.

Panel 2

{The camera switches to Shade Man and his weather map.}
SHADE MAN: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Expect tomorrow to be nice...

Panel 3

{The panel turns red.}

Panel 4

{The panel turns normal again.}
SHADE MAN: ...and maybe a little rain.

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is one of only two appearances of Shade Man.

External linksEdit

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