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The Return to the Beginning - Maybe It Worked Too Well

Summary: Dr. Wily assess his reprogramming of Mega Man

Cast: Mega Man and Dr. Light

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Dr. Wily is standing alone.}
DR. WILY: My reprogramming of Rock's personality is complete. Now to see if I was successful.

Panel 2

DR. WILY: Hey, where'd he go? He was just here...

Panel 3

MEGA MAN (off-panel): Help me!

Panel 4

{Dr. Wily is standing near a large hole in the ground. There is a sign saying "Big Hole", and an arrow pointing into it.}
MEGA MAN: Hmm. I seem to have fallen in a rather large hole.
DR. WILY: 100 percent successful.

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