June 2001
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Back in the Future - Future Troubles

Summary: Mega Man, X and Bass get back from the past.

Cast: Mega Man, X(future), Bass, Past Mega Man, Mega Man from 'Just Another Day'

Style: 16-Bit


Panel 1

{The panel is almost completely white. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! is seen in big letters.}

Panel 2

{The white goes away revealing Mega Man and X.}
X: Did we make it? Are we back?
MEGA MAN: I don't know...

Panel 3

The panel doubles its size revealing also Bass, the Mega Man from the past and the very surprised Mega Man back from the 'Just Another Day' storyline. Bass is looking at the latter one.}
BASS: Uh... Guys?
MEGA MAN: Not now Bass! We're trying to figure out where we are!

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