June 2000
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The Hand-Drawn Comics I(aka George's Summer Job) - First Inklings of the Real World

Summary: George sums up his summer up to the point where he gets his summer job.

Cast: George

Style: Hand-Drawn

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

(George is standing to the left of the panel.)
GEORGE:After I graduated from high school, I had plans for the summer.

Panel 2

(George is standing in front of a college.)
GEORGE:(narrating)Visiting colleges...

GEORGE:Help me...

Panel 3

(George is sitting in front of a bus stop.)
GEORGE:(narrating)Hanging out with friends...

GEORGE:I am so bored...

Panel 4

(George is at a fast-food restaurant.)
GEORGE:(narrating)Then reality set in...

GEORGE:Would you like fries with that?

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is the only hand-drawn strip to show George sitting(unless you count George driving a car in the October 11, 2000 strip).

External Links Edit

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