June 2000
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The Hand-Drawn Comics I(aka George's Summer Job) - We All Know This Guy and We've All Wanted to Do This

Summary:George starts his summer job. He meets an annoying employee named Tom.

Cast: George, Tom, and the Manager of McBoogers(off-camera)

Style: Hand-Drawn

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

(George is standing behind the counter and Tom is standing in front of it.)
TOM:Hello and welcome to McBoogers. My name is Tom and I'm Employee of the Year. How may I help you?

Panel 2

(George is daydreaming. His daydream has him killing Tom.)

Panel 3

(George is awakened from his daydream.)
MANAGER:Damn it George. Quit daydreaming! Why can't you be more like Tom?

Panel 4

(George is frowning.)
TOM:Would you like a Booger combo meal?

Fun Facts Edit

  • This is one of only two hand-drawn strips to feature three characters at once (although one of them doesn't actually appear on-camera).

External Links Edit

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