Length: 23 comics, October 18, 2000 - November 9, 2000 (View all)

"Mega Man freaks out and starts running around for no particular reason."

Proto Man goes to see Mega Man, who seems to be becoming paranoid of the viewers, thinks Proto Man is one of them, and runs off, past Dr. Light and Rush enjoying a joke, the Author deciding not to fire Roll (after calling him a loser), and Bass and Treble. This launches a series of "days":

Super Spectacular Transformation Day: Bass merges with Treble to run with the others, thinking it's fun. Everyone's Running for No Apparent Reason Day: Everyone running, and their thoughts.

Bass has, by now, caught up with Proto Man and passes him, while Proto Man stops after their conversation, wondering if Mega Man or Bass is stupiter.

Bass catches up with Mega Man, who has forgotten why he is running. Bass hits a tree (who knows what a tree was doing in the lab) while Mega Man refuses to stop.

A Halloween special momentarily occurs.

Proto Man gets the Author to come in and stop Mega Man. Mega Man then hits an invisible wall that the Author set up and says his running had something to do with him. Everyone else has finally caught up with Mega Man, but Mega Man is the only one who notices something... odd...

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