Kalinka Cossack is the daughter of Dr. Cossack and built Ran. She explained to him and Roll that Ran's made out of really, really, really cheap parts.

Appearances in the ComicEdit

The Fourth Megaman GameEdit

In The Fourth Megaman Game, Kalinka losed in a science fair project against a kid with a papier maché volcano. She then decided to go to Wily's fortress along with Ran to steal Stalin's brain back. Unfortunately, she gets stuck in the air duct and Ran breaks and can't teleport in. He walks in, but breaks again. He then goes to Dr. Cossack for help. After hearing this, Cossack calls Wily and tells him he's gonna take over the world for him, if he(Wily) gives Kalinka back after that. Then, Wily commands Proto Man to find Kalinka and kidnap her. Proto Man comes across the air duct and saves/kidnaps Kalinka. Proto Man tells Kalinka not to worry because Mega Man will come to rescue her.

Later, Mega Man comes and talks to the Final Fantasy broom. Kalinka sees Mega Man and tells him (accidentally) to defeat her father. Mega Man then goes on to defeat Dr. Cossack.

Later, Toad Man came to rescue Kalinka, who was already in the Wily Machine, as was Dive Man's disembodied head. Then, Toad Man jumped against the machine, knocking Kalinka off, Proto Man catches her and teleports out of the fortress with her.

The Return of BobEdit

Here, she only appeared in the Fourth of July special, telling Roll that Ran is made out of really, really, really cheap parts.


She sometimes appears in the anniversary comics as a cameo character.

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