Cutman is one of the first 8 Robot Matsers created by Doctor Light and Doctor Wily.


Cutman was first created for gardening at the LightLabs. He was the first to feel Dr Wily's virus which ordered him to kill and obey Wily, and resisted it the longest before It overcome him as he struck Roll with his Rolling Cutter. After that, he went on a murderous rampage, killing many before tumbling upon Reset Man. In his attempt to kill him also, Mega Man comes in just in time to save him. He is shorty defeated by one blast from Mega Mans' buster.


Cutman's power just as in the video-games is the Rolling Cutter. It is a metal blade that cuts through various solid objects. It is very effective against Electric Man.


When he was first created before being controlled by Wily, Cutman was shown to be jealous because Rock got to be lab assistant and was stuck being a gardener.

After being infected, Cutman became murderous and insane. Before Megaman was confirmed to beat Cutman, All the Lightbots assumed he went nuts and destroyed himself

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