Iceman is one of the first 8 Robot Matsers created by Doctor Light and Doctor Wily.


Iceman was the first to succumb to Wily's reprogramming. and infected his good friend Bombman with it. He then later flooded a good part of the city. Before sending his penguin missiles out, he is confronted by Mega Man. Mega man asks to to stop hurting people, and Iceman fools him to believing that he will and then freezes him with his Ice Slasher. Mega Man thaws out and gives chase only to be stopped by a ice wall made by Iceman. However this is ineffective because Mega Man uses Thunder Beam to dispatch of Iceman through the thick wall.


Ice Slasher is Iceman's Special Weapon. It takes the form of an arrowhead-shaped blade of ice that can either damage or freeze enemies.


Iceman has a childish personality, often doing things he thinks is cool, such as when he made to many ice walls he had Bombman blast them recklessly.

When he is infected with Wily's reprogramming, he considers mass murder and destruction to be cool.

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