Rock (aka Mega Man)Edit

Rock, aka Mega Man,is the main protagonist of MSPaint Masterpieces.


Rock was one of the eight Robot Masters created by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily. He worked as the lab assistant in their experiments, capable of using any tool. When Dr. Wily took control of the Robot Masters in his efforts to take control of the world, Rock inexplicably was able to completly resist the reproggraming. Because of this, Dr. Light rebuilt Rock as a combat robot, Mega Man, in order to battle Wily. By adapting his ability to use any tool, Mega Man was able to use the weapons of the other Robot Masters and adapt to combat situations easily, dispite a lack of any combat program. In the first storyline, Mega Man was successful in countering Dr. Wily's schemes.

In the second storyline, Wily's remergence prompted Mega Man back into action. Recently, Mega Man suffered his first defeat at the hand of Quick Man. However, since Quick Man neglected to flat-out destroy him, it is very likely Mega Man will continue fighting.


As Mega Man, Rock's primary weapon is his Mega Buster. By transforming his hand into a cannon, he is capable of firing blasts of energy. His attack is not very powerful, but good enough to deal with most enemies. He is also a capable hand to hand combatant.

Due to his adaptive nature, Mega Man is capable of adapting to combat situations despite lack of a combat program. He is also capable of copying the abilities of others, which was later revealed to be a self-modification. Although at first was only able to copy an attack by destroying them, he is now able to do so by touching them or the weapon itself.

Mega Man has also shown to resistant to mind control. This is apparently done by force of will.


Rock is generally carefree and childlike, and has a strong sense of justice. He is rather naive, like beliving Dr. wily's transformation into a Yellow Devil (actually a fake Dr. Wily) was normal human behavior.


In one of the alternate realities shown in the MSPaint Masterpieces, Mega Man is the defender of a bleak future, replacing the role of Mega Man X. He appears to be more powerful thanks to future upgrades. In another alternate reality, Rock retired the Mega Man persona after the first Mega Man game, and continued to work as Dr. Light's assistant, though he can still copy weapons for use in emergencies. A "Mega Man V" armor is being prepared for use by Rock, similar to Mega Man X.

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