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The Sixth Megaman Game: Battle #5: Yamato Man vs Skull Man

Summary: Yamato Man and Skull Man battle it out.

Cast: Mega Man, Roll, Skull Man, Yamato Man

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Mega Man to the left and Roll to the right, close up.}
MEGA MAN: If all you care about is how quick the battles are, you're missing the point.
ROLL: Oh? What's the point?

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: The point is honor, respect, and integrity among opponents.
ROLL: Oh yeah, we saw how well that worked out.

Panel 3

{Skull Man to the left and Yamato Man to the right.}
YAMATO MAN: You honor me with this battle, honored elder.
SKULL MAN: Elder? You callin' me old, boy?!
YAMATO MAN: I mean no disrespect.

Panel 4

{Skull Man starts his skull shield and moves arms.}
SKULL MAN: I'll show you disrespect when I kick your ass!
YAMATO MAN: If you attack, I will have no choice but to defend myself.

Panel 5

{Skull Man puts arms down. Yamato Man spins his spear.}
SKULL MAN: Defend all you want, but unless you think you got the skill to slip that pole o' yours in between the...

Panel 6

{Yamato Man throws a missile at Skull Man's head. Skull Man crosses arms. CRACK! is heard.}

Panel 7

{Skull shield deteriorates.}
SKULL MAN: Hunh... how 'bout that...

Panel 8

{Skull Man's head falls with a 'thunk!'. Skull shield disappears. Yamato Man places spear next to himself.}

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