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The Sixth Megaman Game: The First Annual Robot Tournament: Ruined Rescue

Summary: George's rescue attempt fails.

Cast: Bob, George

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Bob is standing to the left and George is standing to the right. George is wearing the time suit with his arms in the air. He has an excited expression on his face.}
BOB: George?! What the hell are you doing here?
GEORGE: What kind of stupid question is that? I'm here to rescue you!

Panel 2

BOB: Rescue me? From what?
GEORGE: Being stuck in the past!
BOB: Oh, that. I appreciate the offer, but I'm not ready to go yet.

Panel 3

{George puts his arms down. He has an annoyed expression on his face.}
GEORGE: What?! I traveled through time voluntarily to come and rescue you! And I HATE traveling through time!
BOB: Too fucking bad. I'm not leaving yet.

Panel 4

GEORGE: You know, this rescue isn't anything like the one I imagined earlier.

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