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The Sixth Megaman Game: Battle #8: Ghost Man vs Pac Man, Part 2

Summary: Pac Man gets the advantage.

Cast: Pac Man, Ghost Man

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Pac Man is half on the panel with Ghost Man chasing from the right.}
GHOST MAN: Get back here, you wuss!
PAC MAN: Wakka wakka!

Panel 2

{Ghost Man catches up and stops. Pac Man is holding a power pellet above him to eat.}
GHOST MAN: Wait a minute... Is that what I think it is?!
PAC MAN: Wakka wakka!

Panel 3

{Pac Man drops the power pellet into its robotic structure. GULP! is heard.}

Panel 4

{Pac Man turns to Ghost Man and increases in size. Ghost Man turns blue and holds his hands in the air.}
GHOST MAN: Aaaaah! 'Roid Rage!

Fun Facts Edit

  • Pac Man eats a power pellet and powers up, which is Ghost Man's weakness.

External Links Edit

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