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The First Annual Robot Tournament - Ghost Man vs Pac Man, Part 3

Summary: Ghost Man wins.

Cast: Pac Man, Ghost Man, Mega Man, Roll

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Pac Man is chasing Ghost Man, who is still blue because of the power pellet.}

Panel 2

{Pac Man gets smaller and Ghost Man turns back to white, because the power pellet's effect wore off.}
GHOST MAN: Oh, wait, it's wearing off...
PAC MAN Wakka... wakka...

Panel 3

{Ghost Man throws off his cloathe revealing a black smoke and glowing red eyes and Pac Man is startled.
GHOST MAN: Now it's my turn!
PAC MAN: Wakka wakka!

Panel 4

{The camera switches to Mega Man and Roll. Mega Man is watching the fight frightened and Roll is smiling.}
MEGA MAN: Oh my god! He's eating his soul!
PAC MAN {small text} Waa... waa... waa...
ROLL: And I thought this tournament was going to be boring.

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