March 2006
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The First Annual Robot Tournament - Toad Man vs Spark Man

Summary: Toad Man and Spark Man battle each other.

Cast: Toad Man, Spark Man, Mega Man, Roll

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

(Toad Man and Spark Man are standing in the arena, facing each other.)
TOAD MAN: So... then I... launched... myself... into... Doctor... Wily-
SPARK MAN: Stop! Just stop it! I've had enough! I can't stand you anymore!

Panel 2

SPARK MAN: You are the most pathetic robot on the planet! No, in all of existance!
TOAD MAN: At least... I have... hands...

Panel 3

(Spark Man looks sad.)

Panel 4

(The camera switches to Mega Man and Roll. The left of the panel is more whitish and a "KABLAM!" is seen. Only Mega Man's helmet is seen while Roll looks normal.)
ROLL: Oh, wow! Victory by suicide! I never thought I would ever see that!
MEGA MAN: I want to go home...

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