March 2001
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The Party - Almost Ready

Summary: - Everyone is getting ready for the party, but it seems the Author is missing.

Cast: Proto Man, Roll, Bass, Mega Man, George, X, Nate, Dr. Light

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Everyone is standing around, in order, Proto Man and Roll facing each other, Bass looking to the left with Mega Man and George facing him, X and Nate facing each other and Dr. Light facing right, as if going away.}
PROTO MAN: Okay, we're all set.
ROLL: Are we forgetting anything?
BASS: What about the Author?
GEORGE: Aw crap.
X (to Nate): You see, I haven't been invented yet. DR. LIGHT: I gotta get another beer.

Fun Facts Edit

  • This comic was a result of Dave forgetting that March has 31 days so he ended up throwing a big, long comic together.

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