May 2000
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The Author as Mega Man: He Is So Dead

Summary: Dr. Wily's plan is fully revealed and Dr. Light panics.

Cast: The Author, Dr. Light

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The Author is stood to the left. Dr. Light is running around to the right towards The Author.}
DR. LIGHT: Oh my God!! Dr. Wily stole my robots and he's using them to take over the world!!

Panel 2

{Dr. Light runs the other way.}
DR. LIGHT: What we need is a powerful robot to risk his life and defeat those evil robots!

Panel 3

{Dr. Light stops running. No one speaks.}

Panel 4

DR. LIGHT: And he said he hates your strip.
THE AUTHOR: Get my gun...

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