May 2000
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The Author as Mega Man: It's Always Something

Summary: The Author is ready to kick ass.

Cast: The Author

Style: 8-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{The Author is in the center. He is pointing his blaster to the right and looking at the audience.}
THE AUTHOR: Okay, I've got a helmet and a blaster.

Panel 2

{The Author goes into a cheer pose.}
THE AUTHOR: I am ready to go kick some evil robot ass!

Panel 3

{No action takes place and he does not speak.}

Panel 4

{The Author puts his arms down.}
THE AUTHOR: Can anyone give me a ride?

Fun Facts Edit

  • Unknown to The Author, he looks like the Helmeted Author, a villain he has not met.

External Links Edit

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