The Fifth Megaman Game: PLEH

Summary: Mega Man doesn't know what to do, so he seeks help from an old friend...

Cast: Mega Man, The Broom

Style: 8-Bit


Panel 1

{Mega Man is standing somewhere outside, with Bob's scarf in hand.}
MEGA MAN: I can't talk to Dr. Light, cause he's been kidnapped, and I can't talk to Proto Man, cause he did it.

Panel 2

MEGA MAN: But who will I turn to for guidance and advice in this latest adventure?!

Panel 3

{Mega Man rises his hand in the air.}
MEGA MAN: Of course! The answer is so obvious!!

Panel 4

{Mega Man suddenly stands before the broom in Dr. Cossack's fortress.}
MEGA MAN: Can you help me?

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