May 2000
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The Introduction of the Author: People Do That To Me All The Time

Summary: The Author is abandoned.

Cast: Roll, Proto Man, The Author

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{Roll is at the left holding ice cream next to Proto Man, both facing The Author who is at the right.}
PROTO MAN: So, author of this strip, what exactly are you doing here?

Panel 2

{Roll has left and Proto Man is still visible, but only slightly. The Author is facing the audience.}
THE AUTHOR: I am here to put right what once went wrong, to fix what once was broken...

Panel 3

{Proto Man has left. The Author has entered a stance.}
THE AUTHOR: ... to correct the errors that never should have been, to do my duty that I have been chosen to do.

Panel 4

{The Author has ducked slightly, with arms flailing out.}
THE AUTHOR: I am here to... Hey, where'd they go?

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