Mynd(pronounced like "Mind") was the first character introduced from a fan's request. A fan had emailed Dave asking if he'd put his character in the comic, which was a purplish recolor of Sigma. Since it was early on, and he had not gotten requests like this, Dave accepted and Mynd was born.


Mynd first appeared as a mysterious shadowy villian watching Mega Man and Mega Man X towards the begining of the Second Game Storyline. Dave had forgotten about him until after the storyline, and left him in the dark until Bob showed up.

At this point he traded insults with our first evil killer, and then got into a battle with him, proving to be a formidable opponent for Bob, the two of them being about equal, and in the end blowing up Mynd's first fortress, though the battle drained them both, making it so that the first to rise would be the victor. Bob was eventually the first one on his feet, though the timely arrival of Mynd's evil minion, Mike, saved him as Bob was knocked unconscious with a single karate chop.

After this, Mynd stole Bob's blaster and ordered Mike and Chadling to find the dimensional portal opener on it. Unfortunately for Chadling, he was the test subject, and there were 500 settings on the blaster, 499 of which were "blast the shit out of something mode". Nevertheless, Mynd eventually managed to make it to the comic's main dimension where he was successful in killing most of the cast, but was stopped by the combined power of Bob and George. Mynd has recently reappeared as Bob's minion of the present in the storyline "All Good Things".

Mynd combat

Mynd in combat

Halloween costumes Edit

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