Non-alternate Mike (real name "Edward the Destroyer"), more commonly known as "Ninja Ned," is the Main Universe's version of Mike. Unlike his alternate counterpart, he is truly a skilled ninja with very dangerous strength and skill.


His first appearance is in The Adventures of Ninja Ned. He appears in the shadows (having executed some of his minions before he could change the lights), and summons Non-Alternate Mynd, dispatching him in order to hunt down his imposter.

Non-alternate Mike would not be seen against until the All Good Things storyline, where all his ninja minions were turned against him by Bob and led by Mynd.

He would participate in the final battle against Bob, and was skillfully holding his own against him, until Mike tried to get involved and accidentally knocked Non-alternate Mike out. They managed to escape by ninja vanishing, and would later return with battlesuits given to them by Doctor Light.

In the Epilogue, Mike and Non-alternate Mike reconciled and began training a new generation of ninja at Non-alternate Mike's dojo, until Mike died attempting to execute a difficult maneuver that resulted in him biting off his own tongue and bleeding to death. Or at least, that's what would have happened had Zero not changed the timeline by mentioning the Cataclysm to Dr. Wily during the final battle. So instead, Mike is seen with the others in Acupolco.