Length: 21 comics, November 10, 2000 - November 30, 2000 (View all)

"Two imposters have shown up, but who are they and what do they want?"

Mega Man points out the oddity; there are TWO Authors in the room; the one chasing him, and one that arrived with the crowd! Proto Man simply puts both Authors together and leaves with everyone else, saying that if Mega Man deals with it, it would be funnier. Mega Man tries unsuccessfully to get the real one out. They both do the "zoink!" trick and run away. Proto Man comes back, and decides to use brute force to get them. When both Authors are in the clear, the real one is somewhat revealed; the real one also finds out who the imposter is. Mega Man and Proto Man have caught up by this point, but there is another oddity; there is another Proto Man behind the two Authors! Mega Man and the fake Author leave, while the real Author is hovering above the two Proto Mans about to fight. Mega Man supposedly finds out who the imposters are and finds the real Author, who sets up a bet on which Proto Man would win. Proto Man defeats the imposter, but the Author stops the strip to keep up the suspense about who it is.

Mega Man is sent to find the other imposter. He sees the imposter's Author costume laying around, and (mistakenly) assumes the imposter is naked. Mega Man rushes off so fast that he passes the imposter (who deliberately calls Mega Man back over)...

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