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The Fifth Megaman Game - Meteoric End

Summary: The Ultimate Attack!

Cast: Metool D2, Bob, Alternate Mega Man, Alternate Bass

Style: 8-Bit, Animated


(The screen is split in two. The characters are at the bottom, and above them, is a black area with the word "Start." The viewer clicks start, and an asteroid is seen falling towards the bottom "strip.")

BOB: That's your "Ultimate Attack"? You're going to drop a fucking asteroid on me? Are you fucking insane?! That thing is going to kill us all!

ALTERNATE BASS: We're willing to sacrifice our lives and the lives of everyone on this planet, if need be, to stop you.

ALTERNATE MEGA MAN: Besides, we can't. It's too late to stop it now.

BOB: I will not die like this. I will not be squished... like a fucking bug... by a goddamn space rock! I WILL NOT!

(Bob charges up. The bottom strip cuts to an outside view of the fortress. A burst of fire suddenly blasts through the roof into the asteroid. The fire stream grows, blowing off more of the roof, until finally, the asteroid explodes, filling the screen with a white explosion. The explosion fades away, leaving only the heavily damaged fortress behind.)

DR. WILY: God damnit! Not again!

DR. LIGHT: Isn't anyone going to get us out of this cage?

(A "Replay?" button appears, which restarts the animation.)

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