This is a list of objects that have been featured in the ongoing Bob and George storyline. Some have only been featured once, whilst others have had several mentions.

Drinks Edit

  • Redrum Beer: A special drink that George once had during his conversation with Proto Man. It adds a blood-thirsty attitude to the drinker. ("Ooh! Maybe they had an epic battle and killed each other!")
  • Wily Beer: Wily Beer is the standardised alcoholic consumption for the Bob and George cast. Doctor Light is an avid drinker and has become an alcoholic due to it. The Wily Beer factory replaced Heineken. When asked why Dr. Light doesn't make his own beer and not have to rely on Wily for beer, he responded "Everyone knows that Light Beer sucks."
  • E Soda: What the characters drink when they're not drinking Wily Beer or Redrum.

Food Edit

Machinery Edit

  • Electro-magnetic BB Gun: Doctor Light's personal weaponary against the pesky "robot gnomes".
  • Evil Cloning Gun: The Rockman-verse Wily's evil cloning ray, designed to make an evil duplicate of any robot it blasts.
  • Regeneration Chamber: Ran Cossack's special chamber which uses really, really, really cheap robotic parts from Russia to re-create and directly teleport a new Ran to the old Ran's corpse.
  • The Rehabilitator: A machine which has unknown powers, yet is referenced to. Only Authors (such as The Shadowy Author and the Helmeted Author) have access.
  • The Time Suit: The suit in which people use to travel back in time.
  • Tweezer-O-Matic: Doctor Light's special tweezer which can tweeze at 1200 rpms.
  • Nanobots: Among other purposes, they have been used to repair wounds sustained by Mega Man, turned Mega Man into Mega Hulk, and consumed by George and Chadling via icecream, which then turned them into a fine mist. At least, they were supposed to.

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