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Introductions, Version 2.0 - Recapping

Summary: A recap of what happened in the first Hand Drawn Comics storyline.

Cast: George, Napalm, Blitz

Style: Hand Drawn


Panel 1

(Part of June 4, 2000 is shown.)
NARRATOR: When we last left George, he had just quit his job at McBooger's and faced the daunting task of breathing the news to his mother.
GEORGE (in recap): Would you like fries with that?

Panel 2

(Part of June 7, 2000 is shown.)
NARRATOR: What? What do you mean that's not how it ended? The explosion? Oh... right, the explosion. I forgot...
GEORGE (in recap): Nevermind.

Panel 3

(Part of June 8, 2000 is shown.)
NARRATOR: Okay, right, so there was that whole thing about Napalm and Blitz...
NAPALM (in recap): I also like to barbeque!

Panel 4

(Part of June 9, 2000 is shown.)
NARRATOR: But, unfortunately, it looks like we're out of space. I guess you'll just have to wait until tomorrow...

Fun FactsEdit

  • This is one of the only (if not the only) comics to use both fonts featured in the comics.

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