October 2000
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Just Another Day - Halloween Special!

Summary: A Halloween Special.

Cast: Roll, Bass, Mega Man, Proto Man and Dr. Light

Style: 16-Bit

Transcript Edit

Panel 1

{There is a black background. Roll is dressed up as a ghost, standing at the left side of the panel. Bass is standing between Roll and Proto Man. Proto Man is standing left to Megaman, who is dressed up as the Pink Ranger. Dr. Light is standing before his door at the right side of the panel. "Happy Halloween!" is seen in the background.}
ROLL: Boo. I'm a ghost.
BASS: What's going on? Why is everyone dressed up?
PROTO MAN: Quit your belly-aching and let's get going!
MEGA MAN: But I don't wanna be the Pink Ranger!!
DR. LIGHT: God damn you kids! Get the hell off my lawn!

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