Oddball Fancomics is a long-running subcomic by Rick O'Shay. Despite Rick's long gaps inbetween updates (or perhaps because of them), it is still a fan favorite. However, Rick hasn't updated since September 2005.


All storyline titles are unofficial.

The BeginningEdit

Rick O'Shay started by creating a manifestation of himself. Then he added in the other characters. The story started at the end of Mega Man 6[1]. Some nonsense then went on for a while.

Lab AccidentEdit

In an accident, Dr. Light got his DNA mixed up with Rush's. This leads to Bass and Protoman's first appearances[2]. Bass acted like an idiot (as usual). It had a anti-climatic ending.

Roll Gets a BlasterEdit

After some more nonsense, Roll asked for a blaster because she wanted to blow things up. Dr. Light ended up giving it to her[3]. Roll tested it out with Protoman and ended up almost destroying Dr. Light's lab. He then took it away from her[4].

R.R.R.S.S.S Meeting/Babysitter RollEdit

After the usual nonsense, Dr. Light decided to go to a scientist's convention (the society's name is the Really Really Really Smart Scientists Society (hence the acronym)), thus leaving Roll alone with Bass, Megaman, Protoman, and the lab[5]. Dr. Light had a good time and the gang ate all the ice cream, destroyed the hover-mobile, and drew a ghastly "Kool-Aid Man" into the plasma TV. They then left for the Sushi Ninja[6]. Dr. Light then came back from the meeting while Megaman and Bass were still at the Sushi Ninja[7].

Bass's SignsEdit

After some more nonsense, the police came and visited Bass because he was stealing signs from other games[8]. Megaman then gave them a bunch of counterfeit $100 dollar bills and they went away.

The Introduction of TechnoEdit

Dr. Light told Roll about a mess in the den. Megaman and Bass then came in from a day of fun. They were being blamed for the craphead[9]. However, it was revealed it was a new character all together. Rick brought Techno into the strip because the strip needed more female characters. She kept on wrecking stuff and took Dr. Light's Metroid out of his cage[10]. Just when Roll thought she had finally ended the crisis, Techno trapped Roll and stole her hair. She then cut off the head of Dr. Light's stuffed Gillgan's Island "Professor" and put on Roll's hair and posed as Roll so she would get blamed by Dr. Light for it[11]. Roll then fought Techno but gave up when they realized neither of them had a life bar. She then got her hair back. Bass then decided to go after Techno himself because he missed "The A-Team". She was revealed to have a life bar after all[12]. This started a love-hate (but mostly hate) friendship with Techno.

The Introduction of RickXEdit

After a prolonged period of nonsense, Rick created a lackey to help him with the comic. His name was RickX. Rick then started testing him[13]. He left the strip in RickX's hands and he took over it[14]. Rick had forgotten to put him away for 30 years testing in a diagnostic chamber. He then ran away and got Dave's help. However, Dave didn't succeed[15]. Rick then learned that Dave just got a regular chamber and over-clocked the time ridiculously for his X-robot[16]. Meanwhile, RickX fought Gary (from Pokémon) and turned him into a pile of gibs. RickX then destroyed AuthorX (the x-series robot Dave sent to defeat RickX). Megaman thought that RickX killed The Author and he then turned Super Saiyan and attacked him[17]. Megaman then blew RickX away and found out that it was AuthorX's death he had avenged, not Dave's[18].

Namagem's RevengeEdit

After the usual between-plot nonsense, a strange character suddenly appeared in the comic one day[19]. He was a character named Namagem Saibot (one of Rick's many forgotten characters). Bob however had ended up in his BMP prison and blasted an opening, thus leaving behind a convienient plot device with which Namagem could escape. He then found Rick's sprite folder with some difficultly. He tried to band together with the other forgotten sprites to fight Rick but he didn't come with any of them. He had to explain this, thus making the story longer[20]. They were all stupid and/or crazy, so he came alone[21]. Rick then deleted Nanagem once and for all.

A Trip to the MallEdit

After some nonsense, Roll told Dr. Light that she wanted a new dress. She blackmailed him by saying that she would tell Techno about what happened to her teddy bear (Dr. Light destroyed it because he thought it was Techno. He was doing that because Techno had broken his X-capsule.) Dr. Light then made it so that Roll's red dress wasn't welded in place[22]. She then went on a mall trip. But, Dr. Light had thought everything through this time around and made it so that Roll only liked red dresses. Ultimately, the real reason ended up being that Rick didn't want to have to make a bunch of custom sprites for her[23]. Megaman, Bass, and Techno tagged along with her. They then went to the mall to do a bunch of crazy things. Bass changed a shoe store sign[24], and Roll and Techno went shopping[25]. Ran (the same Ran from the main comic and Plague's Misadventures) then tried to hook up with Techno but failed[26][27]. Meanwhile, Megaman and Bass went to the arcade[28]. They took the bus home while Roll got held up by the police for not having a driver's license[29]. Techno then said Roll was driving while drunk and got her thrown in jail.

The Origin of TechnoEdit

After even more random gags Bass realized he had forgotten Techno's orgins. After a minor 8-bit flash back, Tecno reminded him about how she was created. In the past Wily shows Bass Techno,then called Girl-man, after some disgression Wily decided the final name would be Techno. Then Wily configured Techno's programming to an ulitimate destruction unfortunatly Bass and Treble thougt the CD's used to programming for food. After awakening Techno wasted no time hurling insults and making trouble. Wily then showed her the heroes so she could destroy them.

Main CharactersEdit

(by order of first appearance in the comic)

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