Pac Man is a Robot Master built by an aspiring programmer to enter the First Annual Robot Tournament.

Debut: The Sixth Megaman Game - Battle #8: Ghost Man vs Pac Man.

Appearance Edit

Pac Man has orange armour around his head, claws and boots. He has one claw and a grabber to ensue strangling if needs be. His arms are red and thin. His eyes are red with grey outlines, made to make Pac Man look more evil and cunning.

After eating a power pellet, he nearly increases double in size.

Personality Edit

He can only speak with the word 'wakka' and so his replies and taunts can be seen as anything.

Abilities Edit

It is unknown what ability Pac Man has at the moment. It is primarily assumed that his claw and grabber can be used for combonation attacks.

When he eats a power pellet, he increases in size and becomes more violent than before. Pac Man has a quick speed also.

Fun Facts Edit

  • Pac Man was designed by Iris of Stage Select, as was Ghost Man.
  • Pac Man is based off the Atari game of the same name.

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