Name: Vengence Roamer Occupation: Maverick Hunter Black Ops

File:Http:// in 20XX as one of Wily's final war machines. Originally designed to compliment Zero's melee fighting style with a long-range heavy arms approach. When Zero was activated, he attacked and mortally wounded Dr. Wily. Before Wily succumbed to his injuries, he altered Vengence's programming. Instead of helping Zero, he would now destroy zero... and any other robot master that was running amuck. Wily "died" before he could activate Vengence however.

A century later, mavericks stumbeled upon what was left of Dr. Wily's old lab... and were never heard from again. Vengence emerged a short while later and set about fufilling his master's dying wish and his sole programming. Early on in his venture, he came across a destroyed maverick base... the remains of a floating fortress. Inside, he did find an incomplete Zero prototype... based heavily off Dr. Wily's previous model, Bass. Vengence completed and activated this prototype which turned out to be the missing link between Bass and Zero... It named itself Plague. Together, they set off to destroy Zero... and any reploid they encountered along the way. After all, reploids were copies of either Dr. Wily's work or Dr. Light's designs, so they were blasphamous shadows or hated enemies.

Vengence was the only surviving carrier of the Wily Virus, or the Wily OS and as such, is the originator of the new age of Wily. He installed this system on Plague and all subsequent members of the Roamer family.

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